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  Welcome to Vardan Ayurved Nilayam, Rishikesh
Vardan Ayurved Nilayam has been caring for patients for the last 30 years the ayurvedic branch was started in the year 2005 from the beginning this ayurvedic centre had clients both at national and international level.the clinic specializes in chronic disorders like diabetes digestive disorder, skin disease, nervous system disorder and problems of ageing. The clinic emphasizes on ayurvedic management but wherever required alternative medicine is also used. Our aim is to treat patients not only medically but naturally and spiritually also so that maximum benefit is obtained.
  Know Your Doctor

Dr. Harsh Agarwal Dr. Harsh Agarwal is a well qualified Ayurveda graduate from Gurukul Kangri Ayurveda Medical College and Hospital, Haridwar, Uttarakhand. He has been practicing Ayurveda system of Medicine for last 10 years. He has treated over 20,000 patients successfully. Especially the Epilapsy patients have very received satisfactory results. He is an expert to treat sexual problems with herbal medicines. Currently he is practicing Aryurvedic medicine and also is teaching the same.

Mrs. Arti is the affluent personality and the main driving force behind the inception of VAN. Besides being the brain behind VAN, She also makes it a point to meet and visit each of the patients individually to understand their issues and leaves no stone unturned to have a satisfied client at the end of the day. She also has laid out well-defined processes and check and balance mechanisms to take active feedback from the clients especially to focus and improve upon on their main pain-points to have continuous improvements.
  • Classes on ayurveda and spirituality from 7pm-7:30 pm (donation based).
  • Donation received will be spent on education for poor students or in other charity programmes. All are welcome (pre-registration required to attend classes).
  • Patients of cancer and HIV-AIDS may avail free consultation (appointement necessary).

  • Horaire des cours en ayurveda et sur la spiritualité de 19 h à 19 h 30, rémunération volontaire.
  • Vos dons servirons à supporter l’éducation d’enfants défavorisés ou selon les besoins prioritaires et utiles du moment (s.v.p., vous devez vous inscrire pour ces cours)
  • Pour les patients atteints de cancer ou du SIDA, la consultation sera gratuite (sur rendez-vous uniquement)